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Monday, 11 June 2012

Create Unique Articles With Spin Rewriter

I recently purchased Spin Rewriter (link) and have decided to make a quick Spin Rewriter review before they increase the price. Spinning software such as Spin Rewriter is an online application that takes an article and creates dozens of unique versions in just a few seconds. Because every spun article passes plagiarism tests, Google ranks them as a unique article. 

So how could this be applied? Well, lets say you have a product review Blogspot blog dealing with Amazon affiliation. You could take an existing product review off a website, spin it using Spin Rewriter making it 100% unique and then post it on your blog - this takes literally seconds to do. If you then want to link build, you could make 5 or so different versions of the same article and submit them to article directories such as Ezine and eHow for extra link juice traffic to your blog or website. 

Why not click the 'read more' link to carry on reading the Spin Rewriter review. There is a video running through the ins and outs of Spin Rewriter and also information on where you can get the software at a very cheap price...

But I thought spun articles don't make much sense? Spin Rewriter is not a generic spinning utility that replaces words with related synonyms. It actually has programmed AI that understands inputted text and only suggests meaningful synonyms. It also adapts to the type of articles you submit - meaning the more you actually use the software, the better the outcomes. As it's an online application, it works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even your smart phone! Take a quick look at this video to see how Spin Rewriter works, it will blow you away!

There are many ways Spin Rewriter can be applied - to make some real good cash - and I would be more than happy to go through them with you if you were to buy through my link (link). So far, I've used Spin Rewriter on two of my product review Squidoo lenses to make unique articles. Squidoo are very strict with content submission and will take down any article that has been copied from the internet. So far, so good! I have even been put on the featured list for great content, it's amazing! 

Here is what other people have had to say about Spin Rewriter...

Originally Posted by koyworkz 
My 2 cents...

I'm usually a harsh critic of IM products but I've probably never been more impressed by a piece of software than I was with Spin Rewriter.

The current (1.0, I guess?) version does things that no other spinner can do. It *gets* the meaning of my articles and creates spun content that is actually readable. Try to do this with other spinners...huh!

The 2.0 version seems to be bringing some unbelievable new stuff. Automated writing of entirely new *spun* paragraphs?! Are you kidding me?!

I tip my hat to Aaron and his team and I'll be the first one to grab the new version on Monday!

Originally Posted by traficmaster 
Oh, so this is really happening? Count me in then!

I just read about the upcoming Spin Rewriter 2.0 upgrade on Aaron's blog. I've been using their spinner since they first launched it... man, did that video make me drool, I couldn't believe how great that worked!

Bottom line, it's one of the very few (too few!) products that really stand out and I can't wait for the 2.0 version... it seems like it's going to be even better... Heck, the video of the new features has me drooling again

Keep it up guys, you've got me excited
Originally Posted by Ian Harmon 
I've been using v1 since September last year and although in my experience, no spinner gives perfect auto spins, it give the best results of all the spinners I've used over the years.
Really interested to see what's in store for v2
Originally Posted by koyworkz 
My 2 cents again...

I must say the 2.0 version is even better than I expected - and I had HIGH expectations after the really good 1.0 version. All new features work wonderfully and the suggested synonyms seem even better than they used to. Great stuff!

I grabbed a random PLR article, threw it in the software and used the safest one click rewrite settings, and the spun thing is actually readable - I can't believe it!

I tip my hat once again,

Originally Posted by momsrule 
I already use spinrewriter so I'm just going to leave my comment on this program. I've used many spinning software programs but this is the best one by far. I like that it is web based too. I use it to write spun blurbs for social marketing in addition to articles. 2 thumbs up! If you do any spinning at all you should try this one out.

It's one spinning program that I will actually use because it's easy to use and the results are something that I could put my real name on.
Originally Posted by mjereb2 
Now that is something we have all been waiting for. So far I am totally amazed! And you guys are crazy, this price is a steal, most of the tools I use have a $50+ monthly subscription fee! And yes, I would totally pay 50 bucks each month for this spinner, it's such a time saver. I see some people really don't appreciate your effort developing such a remarkable tool.
Originally Posted by Gav35 
Hi Simon

Just a quick update for you,I bought this tool about 20 minutes ago,I went to one of my blogs,took an article and added it,I used the 1 click rewriter and it took about 4 minutes to generate a 71% unique article with about 7 clicks THAT READS PERFECTLY

so easy to use

Thanks Regards Gavin
Originally Posted by stargazinc 
this is quite amazing, ive never seen anything like it
i was looking for something like this for the longest time and now you guys finally did it

every internet marketer needs a great spinner and this one is just PERFECT - thanks!
Originally Posted by Steve Peters Benn 
Hey Simon,

Thanks for yet another ace SEO tool to add to my weapons chest. As usual, great for both online and offline work - you're fast becoming the internets best SEO software provider!

My advice to everyone is to lock in now - whilst the price is so darn low
Originally Posted by dunker 
Amazingly well done! I just spun my entire collection of articles on foreclosed homes and I'm more than impressed.

It took me probably 20 minutes and the results are amazing! All articles are spun into millions of versions and they're still easily readable, I can't believe it.

Needless to say, this is by far the best WSO I purchased this year!Thanks!

Spin Rewriter makes rewriting your articles as easy as clicking one button allowing you to dominate your competition with hundreds of unique articles! As it's a dimesale, the price will increase - so buy it now before it's too late!

12/06/2012 - I was able to organise a 5-day free trial with my link. Click any of the above links and receive a 5-day free trial, no strings attached!


Ihor K. said...

how much cost a full version ?

Nathan said...

@ Ihor Great question! It's currently 70% off a lifetime subscription which means you can grab this great piece of software for $59 per year. It's constantly updated and always new features added.

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