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Monday, 3 December 2012

Spin Rewriter 3.0 Review & 70% Off

Hey, I just thought I would drop by quickly and show you the latest Spin Rewriter 3.0 review. If you don't know what Spin Rewriter is, I definitely recommend you check out my earlier post where I take a look at Spin Rewriter 2.0 (can be found here). In 3.0, they have improved the AI even further where you will be able to generate premium, understandable spun content at a click of a button that follows SEO guidelines where you won't get punished for replication by search engines. I have used Spin Rewriter for the past 6 months, and no joke, search engines love it! Check out this video and see how amazing it actually is:

At the moment, Spin Rewriter is version 2.0. Existing customers will be automatically upgraded to 3.0 on release - so you have no worries. For people on the fence, I have set up a deal with Spin Rewriter where you can currently get 70% off the price of 2.0, and be upgraded to Spin Rewriter 3.0 on release. You can check out the early bird signup here. Not only will you be the first to know, but they are even offering to throw in some crazy bonuses when you join. Click the below link to receive your 70% discount now!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Increase Your Website Rankings With Page One Infiltrator

This week I want to show you my Page One Infiltrator review. Yesterday was a great day for me - it took me 4 hours to sift through thousands of emails on one of my neglected email accounts. I thought I would quickly mention, it's definitely not something I would recommend! There was one particular email that grabbed my attention, it was titled 'Finally, An SEO Software That Can Read Google's Mind. Never Worry About Pandas Or Penguin Again'. Looking at the email in more detail, it was advertising an SEO software called Page One Infiltrator. Page One Infiltrator is a complex analysis  tool that reverse engineers on-page and off-page aspects of a number one ranking website and tells the user what needs to be done, on their own website, to beat it. At such a cheap price, I got it straight away and have decided to make a Page one Infiltrator review for anyone interested in buying it. 

Why not click the 'read more' link to carry on reading the Page One Infiltrator review. There is a video running through the ins and outs of Page One Infiltrator and also information on where you can get the software at a very cheap price...

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Different Blogspot Search Techniques I Use To Build Easy Backlinks

Aim: Showing you how to search for similar Blogspot blogs to build backlinks and increase incoming traffic to your blog

In this article, I am going to discuss ways of finding other Blogspot blogs by using Blogspot search techniques. This is something I do on a regular basis that allows me to find out what other people are writing about, what I can write about, and also opportunities to build backlinks to my blog and relationships with other like-minded bloggers in my niche. There are many ways to search for other Blogspot blogs in particular, and in this article I'm going to go through some of the less obvious ways of achieving that. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Create Unique Articles With Spin Rewriter

I recently purchased Spin Rewriter (link) and have decided to make a quick Spin Rewriter review before they increase the price. Spinning software such as Spin Rewriter is an online application that takes an article and creates dozens of unique versions in just a few seconds. Because every spun article passes plagiarism tests, Google ranks them as a unique article. 

So how could this be applied? Well, lets say you have a product review Blogspot blog dealing with Amazon affiliation. You could take an existing product review off a website, spin it using Spin Rewriter making it 100% unique and then post it on your blog - this takes literally seconds to do. If you then want to link build, you could make 5 or so different versions of the same article and submit them to article directories such as Ezine and eHow for extra link juice traffic to your blog or website. 

Why not click the 'read more' link to carry on reading the Spin Rewriter review. There is a video running through the ins and outs of Spin Rewriter and also information on where you can get the software at a very cheap price...

Monday, 14 May 2012

Blogspot Templates News Magazine Overview

Summary: Quick look at the News Magazine Blogspot template and how you can customise it to make a perfect AdSense blog

What I love most about AdSense is the ability to earn an online income whilst you blog. There are so many Blogspot templates out there at the moment, it get's so hard to choose! I'm always looking for templates I believe will make earning AdSense a piece of cake. I came across a template and thought I would quickly share it before I go offline. It's called News Magazine (abit of a weird one I know); a preview image of it can be found below and a demo of it can be found here.

News Magazine Blogspot Templates For Adsense

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Amazon Niche Master And Making Money With A Blogspot Blog

I just thought I would drop by and recommend a product I've recently purchased and been working with. No joke, I brought for literally peanuts; I actually felt guilty at buying it for such a low price! Amazon Niche Master is a 30 page in-depth guide that shows you the exact methods needed to create kick-ass product review articles for an Amazon (or other affiliate*) review blog. In more detail, this is what Amazon Niche Master includes (or you can find out more information here)...
  • How to dominate the 'review' keyword for any competitive product.
  • The 2 absolute requirements that determine a great topic you should be writing for your site.
  • Where to find endless ideas for topics for ANY product niche.
  • How to title informational posts.
  • When to include links in these posts (and what kind of links).
  • Old school methods for simple, automated backlinks to your new content.
  • The 17 content ideas that you can potentially find in under 1 hour for a niche you know nothing about.
  • How often you should add non-review posts to your site.
I was very skeptical at first until I saw these results after applying the methods found in Amazon Niche Master. I have to admit, my jaw dropped...

Friday, 23 March 2012

Blogspot Templates Bluesense Overview

Summary: Quick look at the BlueSense Blogspot template and how you can customise it to make a perfect AdSense blog

I've been looking far and wide for Blogspot templates and designs that make earning an online income much easier to achieve. I came across a template yesterday and thought I would share it with you guys. It's called BlueSense and a picture of it can be found below and a demo of it can be found here


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